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Florida Mechanic

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Sen. Nelson: Florida leads Takata airbag deaths, injuries By Christie Zizo  |  May 11, 2018 @1:23 PM WASHINGTON — Florida has had more injuries and deaths than from exploding Takata airbags than any other state, according to Sen. Bill Nelson. Florida has 3 deaths, 83 injuries from defective Takata airbags 1.3 million recalled vehicles still need to be repaired Sen. Nelson calls on NHTSA to get more vehicles fixed Nelson, D-Florida, released the numbers Friday and called on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to step up efforts to get more of these recalled airbags fixed. Nelson said the defective airbags have been linked to three deaths and 83 injuries in Florida. Honda vehicles accounted for the three deaths and 55 of the 83 injuries, with Toyota vehicles accounting for 13 reported injuries. Also, Nelson said only 45 percent of the Florida vehicles under the Takata airbags recall had been fixed yet -- 1.3 million recalled vehicles still need to be repaired. "Consumers should heed the recall warnings and get their vehicle repaired as soon as possible," Nelson tweeted on Friday. You can find out if your vehicle is under recall by going to the NHTSA website, Safercar.gov. Florida leads the nation in deaths and injuries caused by exploding Takata airbags, according to new numbers I received from the automakers. I am calling on NHTSA to step up its efforts to get these defective airbags replaced and out of people’s cars as quickly as possible.

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Florida Mechanic

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