6, 1926.

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There were stories that feel remarkably familiar nearly 100 years later: from tariffs (aluminum) to illegal immigrants (Cuban) to a “truth war.” (State officials, led by a Jacksonville builder, held a “Truth About Florida” conference to counter what the Journal described as “the campaign of slander which is being conducted by selfish interests and money-controlled newspapers of the North.”) The first one to make the front page happened Jan. 6, 1926. William T. Cowles Sr., described as a prominent attorney and former city councilman, was walking home, unarmed, when Mark Powell blocked his path with his car. Powell leaned out the window of the vehicle and shot Cowles in the head. The shooting came shortly after the two men had an argument in front of a Springfield bank about Powell calling a woman on the telephone. Shootings weren’t necessarily big news. Car crashes, though, were a different story. The paper ran a weekly tally of automobile fatalities and injuries in the Southeast. “Jax Man Killed in Auto Crash,” said one banner front-page headline. It often seemed that crime elsewhere, the national news of the day, was more apt to make it on the front page. But by the end of the year — after a string of robberies in homes and daylight holdups — the Journal editorial page was calling for action about local crime and guns. By today’s standards, most of the paper’s op-ed positions would be considered quite conservative.

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Jacksonville Surgeon

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